sabato 23 luglio 2011

Sunday bloody sunday

Americani, vado a riporre gli imbuti, vado a Faenz'!

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Oblaka ha detto...

non posso risponderti su lastfm, mi hanno inibito a tempo pare determinato della possibilità di scrivere sulle bacheche altrui, ed a quanto pare, non riesco manco a scriverti messaggi privati. TRENTUNO ANNI DI UOMO, non so se te ne rendi conto, fatti una risata:

primi due messaggi in bacheca. I use bad words in HIS SOUTHBOX (like pene=penis), do you capito me?

sabato notte, tornando dalla celeberrima notte bianca (!!) del mio allegro paesello, mi trovo questo messaggio:


Your posting privileges have been temporarily suspended following a complaint we received.

Please see the Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use therein if you are in any doubt of what is permitted on this site.

Please consider this a formal warning and a reminder that abuse will not be tolerated.


al che, figurati:

"lol, this is absolutely ridiculous, I wonder how these decisions are taken, you don't even speak Italian (I guess) and just take for grant any complain (about absolutely nothing) you receive? I didn't "use this site against him" (LOL! I don't even know him and I don't really give a *ops*) and I didn't offend anybody (in fact, HE offended me, but, oh gawd, I'll be able to sleep with his "offences"). I saw he wrote on your wall that I've used some words like "dick" in Italian... OMG! Then I guess you ban every single English user who use the word "shit", aren't you? Actually HE WROTE firstly on my wall, and kept on doing it, so it's ME the guy who should complain about that Ondanera user being such a pain in the *whatever* into my wall - but well, I guess I'm not a child anymore and I can live with that.
Whatever, I think I can live without posting on shoutboxes. Just a good reminder to don't pay for this site for the rest of my whole life.


e siamo andati avanti così per un po'. pare che in questi giorni il mio caso venga posto all'attenzione di una riunione di sette membri anziani fluenti in italiano che decideranno se togliermi o meno il "warning". al terzo "warning", vengo bannato. AHAHAHAHAHA. Voglio essere convocato in giudizio a Buckingham Palace. :(

va beh, tutto qua. aspettiamo il report del festival. :)